Amateur Astrophotography

Skywatcher Skymax Maksutov-Cassegrain f = 1500mm / D=127mm F12 SynScan AZ GOTO
Skywatcher Skyhawk Newtonian f= 500mm (450mm) / D=114mm F4
Skywatcher Explorer 130PDS Newtonian, f=650mm / D=130mm F5 with Skywatcher Mount EQ5 Pro SynScan GoTo

0. Why am I writting all this?


My main purpose is to observe and take some pictures of the moon and the planets (Mars, Jupiter and Saturn). My choice: Skywatcher Maksutov-Cassegrain D = 127mm / f = 1500mm SynScan AZ GOTO. It is my opinion that this is the simplest/cheapest telescope to accomplish my goals. See sections 3-6 to enjoy nice pictures of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon.

For deep space I got a Skywatcher SkyHawk Newtonian. Aperture 114mm, focal length 500mm, F4.4 with a wonderful parabolic mirror. This telescope is very light and I used it so succesfully with the alt-az GOTO mount of the Maksutov (section 8).

After a couple of years I got a new, equatorial mount: Skywatcher EQ5 Pro SynScan GoTo. Later on I got a new Newtonian: the Skywatcher Explorer 130PDS, which is very convenient for astrophotography (section 9).

In section 7, I had fun using SVBony achromatic finder SV106, with 60mm aperture and 240mm focal length. Having a short focal length is helpful to get pictures of big objects with a planetary camera. Then I used this finder as a telescope to get images of the Orion Nebula.

Finally, I am writing all this to make a kind of diary to keep my ideas and progress in order and to not forget some stuff I learn. I will be happy if this web page is also helpful to someone else.